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What were the winning numbers for the drawing that took place on Friday?

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What were the winning numbers for the drawing that took place on Friday

The following numbers were drawn on Friday, November 25: 29-31-46-54-67, as well as the 18 Mega Ball. Those who participated in the game received a Megaplier of 2.


The Big Game tickets went on sale for the first time on August 31, 1996 in the states of Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Michigan, as well as Virginia. After having discussions with lottery directors Rebecca Paul of the Georgia Lottery and Penelope W. Kyle of the Virginia Lottery about the possibility of a multi-state game, Michigan Lottery Commissioner Bill Martin and Illinois Lottery Director Desiree Rogers came up with the idea for The Big Game and created the game’s rules and format. In the beginning, each week’s drawing for The Big Game took place on Friday.

At the time, the Georgia Lottery was a member of MUSL and intended to sell both games for the duration of 1996. However, Georgia was forcibly expelled from MUSL within a few days, and the state would not rejoin until the cross-selling expansion in 2010.

Winners of the jackpot had the option, beginning in January 1999, to accept their award in cash instead of the original sum. It wasn’t until May 1999 that New Jersey became a player in The Big Game, making it the only state or province to do so before The Big Game morphed into Mega Millions in 2002.


On May 15, 2002, Ohio and New York became members of The Big Game Consortium. At that time, the game was renamed The Big Game Mega Millions while indefinitely preserving both its previous moniker and its iconic “gold ball” image. The game formerly known as “Big Money Ball” was renamed “Mega Ball.” Despite the fact that the name of the game was changed, the yellow ball in the new Mega Millions logo continued to read “The Big Game” until February 2003. Following that month, it was replaced with six stars that represented the original members of the consortium. On May 17, two days after the initial drawing for Mega Millions (The Big Game), the second drawing took place. The Illinois Lottery is the holder of the trademark for the Mega Millions lottery. The states of Washington (in September 2002), Texas (in 2003), and California (in 2005) were the first three lotteries to join Mega Millions. California was the final state to join Mega Millions until the cross-sell extension in 2010. On March 1, 2010, Montana became the first state to join Mega Millions when the cross-sell expansion took effect. This made Montana the first state to join Mega Millions.

When the state of Texas joined the Mega Millions lottery in 2003, it immediately began providing an option known as the Megaplier, which was analogous to Powerball’s Power Play and was initially only accessible to players of the Texas Lottery. The eleven Mega Millions lotteries that did not offer the Megaplier option on the cross-selling date of January 31, 2010 gradually added the option to their games; by January 2011, all Mega Millions of lotteries, with the exception of California, provided players with the opportunity to win the Megaplier. The trademark for Megaplier is currently held by the Texas Lottery.

Carrie Underwood helped presenter Glenn Burns conduct the Mega Millions drawing that took place in Hollywood on June 24, 2005. This event was intended to celebrate the entry of California into the Mega Millions lottery.

The single jackpot-winning ticket, which was worth $315 million and was purchased in Anaheim, California, was held by a group known as “The Lucky 7” for the drawing that took place on November 15, 2005. They went with the cash option, which resulted in a split of $175 million before taxes were taken out.

The jackpot for the Mega Millions game hit $390 million on March 6, 2007, and at the time, this was the record for the third-greatest prize in the history of the United States. Both of the winning tickets matched the numbers 16-22-29-39-42 and the Mega Ball 20, thus the prize was split between the two of them. Both winners decided to take their winnings in cash, which resulted in each share being worth $116,557,083 before taxes were deducted.

All 23 lotteries that joined Mega Millions on January 31, 2010, without exception, offered the Megaplier option to their players right away. Presumably, this was owing to their prior experience with the Power Play feature for the Powerball lottery. Since the Megaplier is not available in California, the lottery computers in Texas will continue to draw it. California does not offer the multiplier. After offering Powerball before the expansion date, Montana became the 24th lottery to offer the Megaplier. This was followed by Nebraska (as the 25th lottery), Oregon (as the 26th lottery), Arizona (as the 27th lottery), and Maine (as the 28th lottery to offer the Megaplier option). As a result of the addition of Colorado and South Dakota to the Mega Millions lottery, the total number of lotteries that provide the Megaplier has increased to 37.

Tickets for the Mega Millions lottery that were purchased beginning on September 12, 2010, that included the Megaplier option automatically earned $1 million (instead of the lesser amount of $250,000) if the five white balls, minus the Mega Ball, were matched.

On March 13, 2010, the state of New Jersey became the first Mega Millions player to produce a jackpot-winning ticket for Powerball after joining that game. This occurred just before the cross-sell expansion, which took place a few days later. The winning bid was worth more than 211 million dollars in annuities (the cash option was chosen). On May 28, 2010, North Carolina became the first Powerball member (just before the cross-selling expansion) to produce a jackpot-winning Mega Millions ticket after joining Mega Millions. The winning ticket was for an annuity jackpot of $12 million. This occurred just days after North Carolina became a Mega Millions participant.



What were the winning numbers for the drawing that took place on Friday?

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