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What are the Mega Million Results?

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What are the Mega Million Results

November 22, 2018, the Mega Millions drawing yielded a $259 million prize.

There was no winner of the $259 million Mega Millions jackpot in Tuesday’s drawing, which was conducted on November 22. A player from Michigan came within one number of taking home the grand prize.

This means that the drawing on November 25 will be worth $284 million, with a cash option of $144.8 million.

November 22nd’s Mega Millions winning numbers are 13, 23, 24, 25, and 43.

Golden Mega Ball Countdown: 2

Three times the normal multiplier

Mega Millions of winnings for Nov. 22:

While there was no grand prize winner, one player matched all five white balls chosen to win $1 million in the drawing. That ticket was sold in Florida.

· However, that individual did not play the Megaplier option which would have increased their winnings to $3 million.

· In Michigan, one ticket sold matched four white balls and the Mega Ball while also playing the Megaplier to win $30,000 in the drawing. That was the largest award won in the state.

· There were 339,276 tickets sold that won at least $4 in the drawing. In Michigan, 12,224 tickets sold won at least $4 in the drawing.

Mega Millions of drawings are every Tuesday and Friday at 11 p.m. The Mega Ball is selected from a separate pool of 25 balls, and the other 4 balls are taken from a pool of 1 through 70. You have a one in 302 million chance of winning the jackpot.

It’s possible to play Mega Millions in 44 different states, plus DC and the Virgin Islands. Tickets cost $2 each.

In other Michigan Lottery news:

On Wednesday, November 23, there will be a Powerball drawing with a $30 million estimated jackpot and a $15.3 million cash option.

· The next Lotto 47 drawing is Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 7:29 p.m. with a prize of $2.7 million. The cutoff time is 7:08 that evening.

On Wednesday, a jackpot of almost $138,000 will be up for grabs in Fantasy 5. Winners will be selected at 7:29 p.m. At this time, which is exactly 7:08 p.m., the clock must be stopped.

Visit the official website of the Michigan Lottery for up-to-date information on this and other lottery games, including instant tickets, raffles, and more.

The Wolverine FLL lottery club of Michigan was the last to win a Mega Millions or Powerball jackpot in March 2021, when they took home $1.05 billion. With their gains, the gang hopes to give back to the community.

The lucky winners should check their tickets right now since a $1 million jackpot that was sold in Warren last year went unclaimed. The state’s School Aid Fund benefited from the donation instead.

Even though Friday night’s Mega Millions drawing did not produce a jackpot winner, three tickets nonetheless came away with significant winnings.

According to the announcements made by Mega Millions and the West Virginia Lottery, a single ticket in the state of West Virginia for one million dollars was purchased. The ticket, which was bought at a Sheetz on Martinsburg Pike in Shepherdstown, matched all five numbers, with the exception of the Mega Ball, but it was still a winner.

According to Mega Millions, two tickets, one from Missouri and one from Florida, matched all five numbers besides the Mega Ball and added the Megaplier, bringing their respective jackpots to $2 million each. These tickets were purchased in Missouri and Florida.

The winning ticket for the Missouri lottery was reportedly purchased at a Circle K in St. Charles, as stated by the Missouri Lottery. Tuesday, the Florida Lottery provided USA TODAY with confirmation that the winning Florida ticket was acquired from a 7-Eleven located in Brandon. It is not obvious whether the tickets have been picked up or not. Both the West Virginia Lottery and the Missouri Lottery reported on Monday that no one had come forward to claim the prize yet. They urged the winners to sign the back of their tickets, keep them safe, and get in touch with the office of their state’s lottery when they were ready to claim the prize.

What is it that everyone seems to be talking about?

On Friday, October 28, 2017, the Mega Millions numbers that were drawn were 4, 18, 31, 53, and 69, and the Mega Ball was 7.

It is necessary for players to match all six numbers in order to win the Mega Millions jackpot. Since no one was able to claim the $64 million prize on Friday, it has since increased to an estimated $87 million, and there is a cash option worth $42.8 million. The next drawing will take place on Tuesday.

The drawings for the Mega Millions jackpot take place twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday nights at approximately 11 p.m. Eastern Time. The drawing will take place the following Tuesday.

There is almost a one in 303 million chance that a single player will match all six numbers correctly and win the Mega Millions jackpot.

In addition to the Mega Millions jackpot, the prize pool for the Powerball game is also growing. Because there was no winner of the top prize on Monday night, the Powerball jackpot increased to a staggering $1.2 billion.



What are the Mega Million Results?

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