World Cup Viewer's Guide: US seeks repeat of 1950 upset

The haphazardly put together American team, which comprised a mailman, a grave digger, a dishwasher, and a schoolteacher, played England for the first time in a World Cup match.

Few of the players had ever met before they travelled to Brazil in 1950 to face mighty England, and the 1-0 upset victory by the United States is frequently compared to the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" victory over the Soviet Union at the Lake Placid Olympics as being among the greatest moments in American sports history.

Even 72 years later, as England and the United States prepare to face off on Friday in Group B, the gap between the two national soccer teams is not nearly as large. In fact, American midfielder Tyler Adams claimed that he is more afraid of spiders than of playing against England.

Following their 1-1 draw with Wales, the Americans are the underdogs, while England is coming off a 6-2 opening victory against Iran.

At the end of the day, England is still a large team, but what about the intimidation factor? Other than spiders, I wouldn't say there are many things in the world that terrify me, said Adams, a player for Premier League team Leeds.

It's fine for me, but I've played against all those major players before, so I know how to handle it. But we also want to demonstrate our abilities and the proper direction in which American soccer is evolving and expanding.

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