World Cup 2022:  'OneLove' armband ban before Japan match

Before their 2022 World Cup opener on Wednesday, Germany's players made a nonverbal statement of defiance in response to FIFA's suppression of their anti-discrimination messaging.

At the Khalifa International Stadium, all 11 starters cupped their right palms to their mouths for the customary pregame photograph.

An allusion to their statement from Monday, in which they claimed FIFA had threatened them with "sporting consequences" if captain Manuel Neuer wore an armband bearing the slogan "OneLove" and a heart of various colours.

The image was quickly shared on the team's official Twitter account with the caption:

The goal wasn't to make a political statement because human rights are unalienable. Even while that ought to be common knowledge, it still isn't. This is why we consider this message to be so crucial.

The tweet concluded, "Denying us the armband is the same as denying us a voice." "We maintain our stance."

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