The United States takes aim at a giant in World Cup clash with England

High seas separate their landmasses, and in football, a similar huge distance separates their football statures. Aside from royal watching, of course, it is the national pastime of England and a relaxing activity for the majority of Americans.

While the MLS dates all the way back to 1996, certain Premier League clubs can trace their roots back to the 19th century.

The contemporary game was created by the English, and the Americans played around with the rules before adopting them.

Despite this, the relationship between the two countries has grown stronger thanks to exposure to English soccer in America.

a better appreciation in England for how American soccer has developed and the desire of many American players to plan careers there.

With these forces at play, a World Cup matchup between an English contender playing at full strength and a young U.S. team looking to join the clan of giant killers at this uncertain tournament will take place on Friday in Bayt, Qatar.

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