The 10 daily habits that helped Queen Elizabeth live 96 years

Living to be nearly a century is no small feat…yet Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, or Queen Elizabeth II, added that milestone to her very long list of impressive accomplishments. 

. Queen Elizabeth was born April 21, 1926 and died September 8, 2022, making her 96 years and four months old. 

Not only did Queen Elizabeth live long – making her the longest-reigning monarch in English history – but she was remarkably healthy, too.

. After her husband Prince Philip, died at age 99 in 2021, the Queen herself experienced a series of health scares, including a bout of Covid-19. However, she was well enough to officially appoint Liz Truss as the newly elected Prime Minister just two days before she passed.

How did Queen Elizabeth live so long? Good genetics and chance likely played their roles, but a lot of the credit goes to her healthy lifestyle. 

Queen Elizabeth had some famously great health habits. Ready to take notes? Following her lead probably won’t make you a monarch, but it will definitely make you happier and healthier.

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