Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, Ghana, Cameroon story so far

Although the five African teams competing in the FIFA World Cup have had a sluggish start in Qatar, all is not lost for them.

The key talking points, takeaways, and lessons from the performances of the African teams thus far are listed here.

Africa's combined record in Qatar reads five games, zero wins, two draws, and three losses, prompting some analysts to speculate that the continent is poised for another first-round thrashing — an undesired repetition of Russia 2018.

However, a closer look at the current situation shows that things aren't as bad as they seem.

There is still cause for optimism because two points out of a possible 15 don't accurately represent the teams' performances or their chances of moving forward.

Although the Netherlands may have defeated Senegal, their next opponents — Qatar (ranked No. 51 by FIFA) and Ecuador (No. 46) — are two of the tournament's seven lowest-ranked teams.

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