Premier League to swerve FIFA's strict added time rules when domestic football returns

The Daily Mail reports that the Premier League will not follow FIFA's new rule that any "unnatural lost time" will be added at the conclusion of each half.

Pierluigi Collina, the head of the FIFA referees, wants to make sure that the ball is genuinely in play for a longer period of time, thus he has told the referees and fourth official to take this stance during the current World Cup.

Nearly 30 minutes of stoppage time were used in England's 6-2 victory against Iran, while eight further minutes were added to the second half of the Netherlands' victory over Senegal.

With regard to the new regulation, the international players' union, Fifpro, is also having some issues since they are worried about the burden for players.

"The time that players spend in physical competition increases significantly if effective playing time is increased by 10 to 15%, which emphasises once more how important workload protection is for athletes.

It must be determined right away, "added Jonas Baer-Hoffmann, general secretary of Fifpro.

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