Michael Parkinson says president of Fifa is ‘beyond redemption’ in passionate World Cup critique

During a conversation about the state of football today, Sir Michael Parkinson voiced his contempt for Gianni Infantino, the head of Fifa.

The choice to hold the World Cup in Qatar has drawn major criticism for the sporting organisation recently.

The abuse of migrant workers and the criminalization of homosexuality are two problems that have been brought up in relation to the tournament taking place in the nation.

On Wednesday's (November 23) episode of Good Morning Britain, Sir Michael spoke about his new book, My Sporting Life.

The 87-year-old broadcaster responded that he had no interest in speaking with the head of Fifa when asked who he would like to interview if given the chance.

"No, he can't be saved. Let him wither away," he jokingly said before asking, "What happened to football?"

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