Germany Team Protests FIFA Decision to Block ‘OneLove' Armbands

The German players lined up for their team portrait on the field as they got ready for their Group E opener against Japan on Wednesday at the Khalifa International Stadium. They made a strong protest gesture at the time.

In response to FIFA's warnings of punishment for the OneLove armband, the team collectively covered their mouths. The action shows that FIFA is trying to intimidate the athletes and stop them from advocating for human rights.

Seven European soccer clubs were threatened with punishment by the world soccer organisation if they wore the OneLove armband, which stands for tolerance and diversity.

The German Football Association issued a statement saying, "We wanted to utilise our captain's armband to take a position for ideals that we embrace in the Germany national team: diversity and mutual respect." We desired that our voice be heard together with that of other countries.

That is why we place such a high value on this message. Giving us the armband without giving us a voice is the same thing. We maintain our stance.

Although homosexuality is prohibited in Qatar, some believe FIFA has shown an unusual amount of power.

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