FIFA’s anti-LGBTQ World Cup cowardice is also a reminder for America

The "OneLove" campaign planned in Qatar vanished faster than Argentina's hopes of winning the World Cup this year after FIFA threatened players who planned to participate in it with yellow cards and even ejections.

The captains of several European teams, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and Wales, were required to don armbands that said OneLove and were coloured in the rainbow shades of inclusion, including inclusion for LGBTQ individuals.

It was intended that the message would serve as a visual protest against Qatar, which outlaws same-sex unions.

However, as FIFA threatened consequences for bringing politics onto the field during the scheduled protest and branded it as improper, those teams released the following statement:

"We had a strong commitment to wearing the armband, and we were willing to pay the penalty that would often be imposed for violating the rules on the equipment.

We cannot, however, put our athletes in a position where they risk getting a ticket or perhaps being asked to leave the field of play.

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