England captain wearing Rainbow Rolex watch after One Love armband ban

Prior to the team's match against the USA, England captain Harry Kane was spotted at the World Cup with a rainbow-themed Rolex watch, demonstrating his dedication to his cause of demonstrating support for the LGBTQ population.

After FIFA threatened to sanction the players and teams if they continued to wear the One Love armband during games, Kane and many other captains were obliged to remove it.

The FA expressed its displeasure with FIFA in a statement before England's encounter against Iran.

"FIFA has made it very plain that if our captains wear the armbands on the field of play, there will be sporting consequences.

We have instructed the captains not to try to wear the armband in FIFA World Cup games because, as national federations, we can't place our players in a position where they can receive sports punishments, such as bookings.

"We had a strong commitment to wearing the armband, and we were willing to pay the penalty that would often be imposed for violating the rules on the equipment.

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