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The jackpot for Friday’s Mega Millions drawing is now at $1.35 billion.

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The jackpot for Friday's Mega Millions drawing is now at $1.35 billion.

Are these life-changing prizes just a mirage?

Winners who took their winnings in cash in August 2020 would have forfeited about 19% of the entire value of the prize by doing so. However, if the winner of Friday’s $1.35 billion jackpot chooses to cash out all of their winnings at once, they would only get around $708 million before taxes. This is little more than half of the amount that was originally stated.

What’s the deal?

Carolyn Becker, who serves as the communications director for the California State Lottery, was quoted as saying, “We’re absolutely not attempting to mislead anyone.”

According to Becker, what is occurring is that increasing interest rates are contributing to the expanding gap between the jackpot and the amount that may be cashed out. When a winner opts to receive the whole amount, which, according to the regulations of the lottery, would be paid out in instalments over a period of thirty years, rather than the lump sum, the money from the prize is invested in U.S. Treasury bonds by the lottery organisers. Lottery officials now have greater buying power as a result of the Federal Reserve’s campaign against inflation, which has led to an increase in interest rates and a decline in the price of government bonds. Therefore, the overall projected value of the reward, after taking into account the value of the assets, is larger.

Becker said that “in other words, if interest rates weren’t where they are right now, the announced prize for (Friday) night would not even be a billion” if the current situation weren’t the case.

The value of lottery prizes may also be affected by a variety of other variables. According to Becker, recent adjustments to the Mega Millions and Powerball games have made it more difficult to win the jackpot, but they have made it simpler to take home lesser rewards. This means that jackpots roll over more often than they used to, which is fuelled by publicity and additional purchases before a winner is announced.

The prospect of winning more than a billion dollars in the lottery is by no means commonplace, yet here we are again — almost two months after a gas station in Southern California sold the lone winning ticket in the record-breaking Powerball draw that took place in November. It is not yet known who the winner is or what they plan to do with the prize money they have won.

According to the recommendations of financial advisors, the prudent action would be to take the lump amount. According to William Huston, whose business Bay Street Capital Holdings is located in Palo Alto and advises lottery winners on how to handle their unexpected fortune, it is typically to the winners’ advantage to organise an investing team in order to manage the payoff themselves.

According to Huston, “You need your financial advisors, you need your accountants, and you need your legal staff.”

One significant benefit of purchasing the winning ticket in the state of California is that? The Golden State is one of just nine jurisdictions that does not impose a state income tax on lottery wins. This means that if there is a single winning ticket sold in this state for the drawing that will take place on Friday night, the state will save tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue. Because you would still be required to pay taxes to the federal government, the amount that you would really keep would be closer to $538 million.

Regardless of the course of action that the subsequent winner chooses to take, state lottery offices around the nation are profiting millions of dollars from the sale of tickets as a result of all of these enormous draws. In the state of California, eighty cents of the $2 that is paid on a Mega Millions ticket is donated to the state’s educational system. The personnel who run the lottery are quick to stress this fact.

“We like to believe that’s a feel-good motivator,” Becker said. “If a child gets a saxophone in the band because you played the lottery,” Becker said. “If a youngster gets a saxophone in the band because you played the lottery,” “We want to pique people’s interest,” you said. And the fact is, I believe we can both agree that a million dollars are not nearly as interesting as a billion dollars.”


The jackpot for Friday’s Mega Millions drawing is now at $1.35 billion.

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