Winner of the Mega Millions jackpot in Washington County says his late father encouraged him to participate.

The psychic said that the 55-year-old winner's late father had supplied numbers for Wezzie to use.

According to the Lottery, the man from Washington County indicated the numbers hadn't struck the jackpot.

He decided to employ a Quick Pick for the drawing that would take place on November 18.

He was successful in matching four out of five digits, in addition to the Mega Ball.

The local Lottery player previously won even more money, $50,000, in 2017 when the lottery claims he was a faithful scratch-off player. 

 In this case, the player is the local community. Before the guy went to see the psychic, things were like that.

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The current jackpot for Mega Millions is $640 million, with the final drawing not taking place until 2022.

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