Why do footballers take the knee?

In the Qatar World Cup group stage, England's athletes have knelt before each of their games. Here is a look at how the anti-racism sign has changed over time in sports:

Many NFL players then joined Kaepernick in protesting what they perceived to be a pattern of racism in the treatment of African-Americans by American police by kneeling during pregame renditions of "The Star-Spangled Banner" in solidarity with Kaepernick.

After that season, Kaepernick became a free agency and hasn't been acquired by another team since. Some believed that the reason teams were hesitant to sign him was because of his advocacy.

The protests also infuriated the then-US. Donald Trump, who demanded that the NFL ban players who protest during the national anthem.

In 2020, following the passing of George Floyd, a Black man who passed away while in the custody of Minneapolis police, Premier League teams decided to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Before "No Room for Racism" took its place, the premier league clubs in England sported the Black Lives Matter insignia on their shirts.

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