What Your Favorite Liquor Says About You

Have you ever questioned why your go-to beverage has evolved into a favourite? The alcohol may hold the key to the solution. (In actuality, alcohol holds many of the answers.)

Knowing the history of your preferred alcoholic beverage and what it might say about you could help you appreciate it more deeply rather than merely drinking it to become drunk.

Origins: To prevent their goods from deteriorating, Dutch traders double-distilled French wine before putting it in oak barrels and shipping them back to the Netherlands.


Accidentally, the ship's journey served as the maturing period for brandewijn, or "burnt wine," giving it a more nuanced flavour profile that is unquestionably an acquired taste.

Even while you may not actively want attention, there is something about you (you might be a well-known rapper, for instance) that attracts attention.

A profile of you Whether you're sipping brandy, cognac, or Armagnac, the reality remains that you don't mind being seen.

You prefer to remain calmly seated in the corner while sipping brandy; you are the social sage who only talks when absolutely required.

Origins: Whisky's name, uisge beatha, is Gaelic for "water of life," and it first appeared in apothecaries and monasteries in Scotland and Ireland where it was prescribed as medicine.

Whisky (or Whiskey) (or Whiskey)

Your Profile: Although whisky is undoubtedly the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world, it would be insulting to claim that a whisky drinker like you is the same as everyone else.

You enjoy having spirited conversations where you can share your ideas on practically anything. You can carry on a deft conversation and make references to the past like an old soul or a reincarnated Hemingway.

Rum, which is short for rumbullion, was formerly referred to as "kill-devil," implying that people drank it to battle their demons. In order to enhance colour and flavour, it is often distilled from molasses, sugarcane syrup, or sugarcane juice then matured in oak barrels or different wine casks.


Your Profile: You long to be at the nearby beach more than anything else when you're stuck in the city's daily grind. You were brought up to follow through and follow the rules, but you don't mind occasionally letting your chaotic side out.

If you take away the broadsword and the leather boots, you're always searching for your next victim. You're constantly considering your next move, whether it's a job advancement or which tiki bar to visit next.

Origins: Tequila is solely produced in the Mexican state of Jalisco, where it is distilled from the native blue agave plant. Mezcal is a beverage prepared from agave that is produced outside of Jalisco.

Mezcal and tequila

Consider it this way: All mezcals are not tequilas, but all tequilas are mezcal. "Para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien tambiƩn," which translates to "for everything terrible, mezcal; for everything good, the same," is a phrase in Mexican culture.

A profile of you You live in the now, to put it simply. Every achievement or setback in life is cause for celebration, and for you, a tray of shots is the ideal centre piece for the bar table (lime slices and salt are optional).

Particularly during the hour of the night when the dance floor becomes your domain, you feel at ease being the focus of attention. You interpret "You can dance" as an order when your drink says it.

Origins: If you've ever wondered why Russians adore vodka so much, it's probably because they need it to endure the harsh weather during the majority of the year.


Vodka, which is primarily made from potatoes, served to hydrate Russians and keep them warm at night, which may be why they prefer it to water. The word vodka was actually derived from the Russian word voda, which means "water."

Your personality is adaptable, just like vodka. You might be a jack of all crafts, multi-talented, or highly people-oriented. Whatever it is, you can adjust to any circumstance.

At first glance, some people might believe you're simple, but after getting to know you, they're in awe. Regardless of who you're with, you're sure to have fun, even if it takes some persuasion at first.

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