The Mega Millions lottery has a jackpot that is now the fourth largest in the game's history.

The jackpot for the first drawing of the new year for Mega Millions is expected to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $785 million.

The jackpot for Friday's drawing, which was anticipated to be $685 million, was not won.

A ticket purchased in Ohio did win the $1 million second-tier reward.

The Mega Millions organisation issued a press statement on Saturday stating that the jackpot has ultimately increased to more than one billion dollars.

According to the statement, the first person to win the Mega Millions jackpot and become a billionaire did so in October 2018.

When a player from South Carolina claimed the $1.537 billion reward. 

This jackpot continues to hold the title of the largest ever awarded in the history of the game.

The List Wire reports that the Powerball grand prize that was won by a player in California in November 2022.

In July 2022, a Mega Millions player from Des Plaines, Illinois, brought home a reward of $1.337 billion.

 Both of these players were located in the United States.

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