Qualities in women that men find Attractive

The opposite, however—what makes women appealing to men—has received far less attention.

Let's not even begin to discuss the lack of study on what makes men or women attracted to other men or women.

In any event, a lot of their work has been purely cosmetic. These studies frequently draw the conclusion that certain physical characteristics of women make them more attractive because men perceive them to be more fertile — insert eye roll here.

Seven characteristics that experts have discovered make women more alluring to men are listed below:

1. According to an interesting study where guys smelt women's T-shirts, men are more attracted to women who are ovulating.

2. Men prefer women who laugh at their jokes, although this won't likely come as a surprise to you, ladies. Whatever it takes to boost their egos, right?

3. Men like honest women, especially for long-term partnerships, according to numerous studies.

4. Men favour women who are wearing red, according to research. Interestingly, males who wear red also appeal to women.

5. According to studies, men appreciate it when women gently imitate their behaviour. If he touches his hair, for instance, wait a few seconds before lightly touching yours.

6. It's time to gather the female squad. Women seem even more beautiful in groups, according to research, which is known as the "cheerleader effect."

7. In a study conducted at a British university, men preferred women who exhibited positive personality traits like openness, kindness, and assertiveness regardless of their physical attractiveness or body size.

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