New York, maintains its winning run with a $3 million Mega Millions ticket.

A tobacco shop in the Hudson Valley that has been selling winning lottery tickets for quite some time now is continuing its winning trend.

Last week, the Smokes 4 Less location on North Plank Road sold two lottery tickets for a total of seven figures over the course of three days.

This is the second time in the last two months that they have accomplished this accomplishment.

Over the course of three days in November, the store sold two Powerball lottery tickets that won the second-place jackpot.

Maltz said that she did not have an explanation for why the business keeps churning out winning tickets, but she did not elaborate.

"I have no clue," Maltz remarked. "I think it just comes with the territory."

The Hudson Valley Post was the first publication to report on the impending sale.

 As of Sunday, the two transactions were not included in the announcements of recent winning tickets.

In addition, according to Maltz, consumers swarmed to the business after hearing about the duelling victory.

 On Friday, business remained consistent from 8:30 in the morning until the store closed at 7:00 in the evening.

Despite their growing notoriety as a prime location for lottery play, Smokes 4 Less is not receiving a portion of the wins from the lottery.

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The Mega Millions jackpot is now sitting at $1.35 billion as Friday the 13th approaches.

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