Most Emotionally Unstable Zodiac Signs

Since the Moon rules Cancer, its phases have a direct impact on their moods. Mckean asserts that because Cancers are water elements, even a small pebble can cause emotional waves in them.


With little provocation, she claims, "they can swing from chuckles and grins after breakfast to cranky and crying by noon." Although some people find their constantly shifting emotions unsettling, Cancers don't do this on purpose.

They simply have a propensity to feel things more intensely than others. Having some alone time can aid them in finding their balance again.

They are great nurturers and caregivers, so if that is given back to them, Mckean explains, it can also help to calm and stabilise their emotions.

Scales are the symbol of Libra, thus it stands to reason that balance is important to them. Some people are quite good at keeping equilibrium, but it takes a lot of effort, concentration, and repetition for them to master it while making progress, according to Mckean.


Occasionally, Libras will deliberately create unbalances in their life in order to accomplish a certain aim. When it occurs, it may affect how they are feeling emotionally.

However, because they constantly strive to maintain absolute harmony in their lives, they will make every attempt to give everything they accomplish, from their careers to their personal relationships, equal attention.

Because Scorpio is a fixed sign, it tends to be an emotionally solid sign. The Water sign Scorpio is still, nevertheless. Mckean compares it to "a hurricane, earthquake, and landslide happening at the same moment with no capacity to stop or hinder it" if people are unable to manage their emotions.


Those who are close to them will sense the strength of their emotions if they let them run wild. It could come out in violent outbursts, vengeance, or frigid rage.

It's not all horrible, though. One of the symbols of Scorpio, according to Mckean, is a Phoenix emerging from the ashes. "Sometimes they have to hit rock bottom with a strong hard thud, but despite all the odds, it's the very treatment that enables them bounce back to emotional stability you can trust."

Sagittarius people are not typically recognised for having turbulent emotions. However, they have a history of emotional instability. According to Mckean, "they'll react to a surprise with delight and full elation one day, and react with anger, bafflement, or disinterest the next."


While this could appear to be a sign of emotional instability, it really merely reflects their thinking. Their behaviour and how they respond to specific situations will be affected if they are preoccupied or thinking about what they need to do tomorrow.

Be aware that once they get past their first shock, they'll return to being their cheery selves, she advises. It truly is a matter of perception with Sagittarius.

Like their fellow Water signs, Pisces are likewise capable of having extremely strong emotions. This is as a result of their strong intuition and sensitivity to their surroundings and the emotions of those around them.


The good news is that most Pisces are capable of expressing their emotions through music or art. However, Mckean claims that without a release mechanism, they might become quite unstable emotionally.

Don't panic if you exhibit any of these symptoms; emotional instability is not "predestined" for you. Emotional imbalances can be caused by a wide range of variables.

However, if you chance to be reading this and it applies to you, you always have the option of seeking professional assistance.

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