Football-loving Iranians celebrate as ‘regime’ team goes out of World Cup

There were shouts, fireworks, and street dancing instead of sobs.

The national team of Iran was eliminated from the World Cup on Tuesday night after losing a hard-fought match to the United States 1-0.

However, it was a reason for joy for many Iranians. They supported the opposition because they saw their own national team as a tool of the religious dictatorship they have been fighting in the streets since Mahsa Amini's death while in police detention on September 16.

Fireworks lit up the night sky in Saqqez, Amini's hometown, as people thronged the streets, blaring their horns. On a chilly night, residents of Tehran, the capital, came to the streets.

In one video footage showing jubilant street gatherings, the presenter remarks, "Even though it's one in the morning, the Islamic Republic has so hurt the people, that the football-loving people of Iran are celebrating the defeat of Iran."

It's really odd, I must say. But it's really good. The people are quite united, which is great.

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