Did somebody walk away with the Mega Millions prize of $1.1 billion? 

 The winning numbers for the drawing held on Tuesday.

It is now that time once more.

 Players of Mega Millions are examining their tickets to determine if they purchased a winning entry .

There is a potential prize of approximately $1.1 billion up for grabs, with a cash option offering $568.7 million.

The sum would rank as the third-largest jackpot that has ever been won in the history of Mega Millions if someone were to claim it.

It would also rank as the fifth-largest win in the annals of United States lottery play.

Because the Mega Millions jackpot has been unclaimed since October – allowing it to increase over the course of 24 straight drawings.

The top reward of the game has reached an all-time high. 

This amount is a record for the game's top prize.

The odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are approximately one in 302.6 million.

If no one is successful on Tuesday, the next opportunity will be on Friday the 13th.

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When will the next drawing take place for the Mega Millions prize of $1.1 billion?

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