Check out the winning numbers from Monday's Powerball drawing

It is time to check your tickets to see if you are a big winner, so get your tickets ready!

After a single lucky player in Kansas took home $93 million in the Powerball lottery drawing on November 19.

 The jackpot was reset to its original amount. Is it your night to get lucky?

The following are the winning lottery numbers for Monday:

Powerball: 14, Power Play: 3X, numbers drawn: 18-43-48-60-69.

Winning Numbers for the Double Play

Powerball: 19-41-47-53-54, winning numbers: 25

The Powerball jackpot is currently valued at an estimated 340 million dollars.

The one-time payment would be around $178.2 million before taxes were taken away. 

The Double Play option provides participants in certain areas with an additional chance to win the Powerball jackpot .

 The Double Play drawing takes place immediately after the regular drawing.

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Have you won the Powerball lottery drawing worth $340 million?

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