A winning Mega Millions ticket worth $1 million was purchased in the state of Pennsylvania.

Someone ended up having a really fortunate day on the 13th of the month, which happens to be Friday.

The second-largest prize in the history of Mega Millions was won by a single player.

An individual from Maine who played the lottery was the only winner of the top prize, which was worth $1.35 billion.

But not only that, a fortunate player in Pennsylvania has won big after matching five numbers to win a million dollars.

Someone did match all five white Mega Millions balls, but they were unsuccessful in matching the gold Mega Ball.

 As a result, they were awarded the second-tier reward of one million dollars.

The most pressing question first thing on Saturday morning was: who are they?

Where exactly did you purchase the winning ticket?

However, we do have the winning numbers for the Mega Millions game displayed below. 

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New York, maintains its winning run with a $3 million Mega Millions ticket.

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