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Largest Powerball Jackpot of the Year Now Up to $825 Million

JACKSON, Miss. (PRESS RELEASE) –  Friday morning, the Powerball® group again increased the jackpot from $800 million to an estimated $825 million (estimated $410.2 cash value) for the Saturday, Oct. 29, drawing.

Saturday’s drawing marks the largest Powerball jackpot of 2022 so far and the second largest in the game’s 30-year history, only behind Jan. 13, 2016, jackpot of $1.586 billion. This is the 37th draw in the current jackpot run. It was the last hit on Aug. 3 for $206.9 million in Pennsylvania.

Coverage of all possible combinations was estimated at 17.4% in the Wednesday, Oct. 26, drawing.

The Mega Millions® jackpot for tonight is an estimated $64 million, with an estimated cash value of $31 million; the jackpot for the Mississippi Match 5 drawing Saturday, Oct. 29, is an estimated $134,000.

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