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Kildare Nationalist — Kildare duo shares €21,000 Lotto profit from three lucky numbers



Two Lotto punters in County Kildare were busy counting their winnings after weekend after they took on massive odds and scooped healthy profits from three lucky numbers.

The first anonymous punter staked €10 in BoyleSports shop and placed it in on numbers 9, 16 and 34 to drop in the EuroMillions Plus draw on Friday evening at odds of 1,500/1.

The odds however took a tumble as their chosen numbers all rolled out in quick succession and triggered a payout totalling €15,010.

The second lucky winner scooped a return of €6,004 from a €4 wager on numbers 28, 34 and 48 in the main EuroMillions draw, taking the profit between them to a stunning €21,000, from stakes totalling just €14.

Lawrence Lyons, spokesperson for BoyleSports said: “Our Kildare customers must be thrilled that their modest punts on just three numbers have paid off so well. Fair play to them for taking on the odds and we wish them good luck splashing out with their winnings.”


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