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Illinois quick hits: Pritzker self funded $303 million; state 7th for divorce inquiries | Illinois

Pritzker has self funded $303 million

As the November election nears, campaign finance totals show Republicans lag behind Democratic candidates as Gov. J.B. Pritzker continues his large spending.

According to campaign finance numbers collected by, Illinois Democrats are leading the way in funding their candidates with over $110 million. Since his first campaign, Pritzker has given himself more than $303 million to fund his political ambitions.

Illinois small businesses struggle with rent 

A new survey shows a record high rent delinquency rate in August among small business owners, especially in Illinois.

Alignable, a small business referral network, surveyed more than 7,000 small businesses around the country and 40% indicated that they couldn’t pay their rent. Illinois’ number is even higher at 53%.

Many blamed a combination of negative trends in the economy, including rent spikes, gas prices and the increasing cost of supplies and labor.

Illinois 7th for divorce inquiries 

A new study shows the pandemic has been difficult for married couples in Illinois.

According to, couples in Illinois were among the least happy during the lockdown, as they placed seventh nationally for online divorce inquiries.

The community with the highest number of searches for “divorce lawyers” relative to population size was McHenry, followed by Hoffman Estates and Schaumburg.

Still no Mega Millions winner 

The winner of the $1.3 billion Mega Millions jackpot still hasn’t claimed their winnings.

The multistate jackpot ticket was sold at a convenience store in Illinois earlier this month, though the winner has not come forward. Illinois Lottery gives the winner a year to come forward. If no winner comes forward, the winnings will be distributed back to participating states.

Monkeypox cases found in central Illinois 

A central Illinois county has become a hotbed for the monkeypox virus, or what health officials now call MPV.

Champaign County, home to the University of Illinois, reports the highest number of positive cases in any county outside of Chicago and Cook County. Health officials said there most likely are more than 10 MPV cases in the county, but no U of I students have tested positive as of yet. 

Loan program opens for fire departments 

The application period is now open for the Fire Truck and Ambulance Revolving Loan Program.

The program is designed to assist cities and departments in purchasing emergency vehicles that they may not be able to afford. Local governments and fire departments may apply for low or no interest loans for purchase of a fire truck or ambulance. The money must be repaid within 20 years. 

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