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French National Hits EuroMillions Jackpot for €31 Million


French National Hits EuroMillions Jackpot for €31 Million

A EuroMillions player in France struck gold with the €31 million EuroMillions jackpot on June 19th. The player, who currently remains anonymous, becomes the 88th jackpot winner and the fifth winner in the month of June alone. The winning numbers were 7, 19, 26, 42, and 50, with Lucky Stars 4 and 9.

In addition to the jackpot winner, 3 players matched 5 numbers and one lucky star for €246,456 each, 7 players matched 5 numbers for £14,924.60/€24,601 per winner, and 37 winners matched 4 numbers and 2 stars for just under £1,400/€2,277 per person. A total of 1.4 million players won prizes during Tuesday’s drawing.

Luck of the French?

The French players continued their incredible streak of luck. Along with the jackpot winner, two other players in France claimed the second tier prize on the same night. On top of the three winners in the June 19 drawing, another player from France won the My Million raffle in May for the second time in their lives (their first My Million win was in 2016).

France leads the way with the most EuroMillions winners with 79 jackpot winners, with Spain in hot pursuit at 77. Spain had been inching closer to France with multiple winners during the month of June, but the recent win gives France a little bit of space at the top. The UK sits in third place with 72 winners with Portugal inching closer with its 68th winner in June.

Lucky Month of June

If it seems like an awful lot of jackpot winners in June, you’d be right. For the EuroMillions overall, there has been an incredible 5 jackpot winners in the month of June. Previously, a pair of players from Spain and Portugal split a €69 Million jackpot on the 1st of the month. A syndicate ticket from Ireland claimed €14 million on the 5th before a player in Spain win 14 million another 4 days later. For those keeping track, that’s 4 winners in three consecutive drawings.

The 5 winners for the month of June leads June 2018 tied for third most jackpot winners in a month with December of 2014 and April 2013. There have been four months with 7 winners and three with 6.

Before June, the most recent jackpot was won back in early May to the tune of €39.95 million. The largest win so far in 2018 was in February with a prize of £121.3 million, good for the 10th largest winner in EuroMillions history. The largest winner ever was last year in October, with a winner from Spain claiming €190 million.

EuroMillions Still Lags Behind Other Lottery Games

Despite the large winnings during the month of June, the European EuroMillions lottery continues to fall behind the titanic jackpots of the American Powerball and the overall size Spanish Christmas Lottery. The largest ever European winner (equal to $260 million) doesn’t even crack the top 40 in the US jackpot winners.

The US famously held the largest jackpot in history in January of 2016 with a $1.586 billion Powerball jackpot, which was split between three winning tickets for $327.8 each. The largest single ticket was $480.5 million in 2017.

Meanwhile, the Spanish Christmas Lottery is considered the largest lottery in the world based on total prize payout. While the grand prize is split between multiple winners due to structure, the total prize pool seen in 2016 was a record €2.31 billion.

With the most recent win, the EuroMillions jackpot resets to €14 million. After two drawings without a winner, the current prize sits at €36 million.


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