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A guy from North Carolina wins $1 million thanks to a lost and discovered Powerball ticket.

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A guy from North Carolina wins $1 million thanks to a lost and discovered Powerball ticket.

Following the discovery of a lost Powerball ticket at the bottom of his wife’s handbag, a man from North Carolina was awarded the grand prize of one million dollars.

Officials from the North Carolina Education Lottery were informed by Terry Peace, 65, of Waynesville, that he purchased his $2 ticket for the drawing on January 4 at the I Market located on Barber Boulevard in Waynesville.

He gave the ticket to his wife so that she might check it among some other lottery tickets; nevertheless, she ended up forgetting about the ticket for a whole week.

“It was in my wife’s wallet,” Peace continued, “and she discovered it.” “I suppose that as she was reaching in to verify the tickets at the beginning, she just overlooked that one.”

Because the lost-and-found ticket satisfied the drawing’s criteria for all five white balls, the winner was awarded one million dollars. “This is going to completely alter my life,” he remarked. “How many individuals can honestly say they won a million dollars?”

According to Peace, the triumph is thrilling, but it’s not really all that shocking.

“I’ve always had wonderful luck,” he added. I constantly assured them, “I know I have the luck to win,” and they believed me.

According to Peace, he plans to use the money toward the purchase of a new vehicle, the enhancement of his savings account and establishing a secure future for his grandkids.

Peace said that “we simply can’t express into words how delighted we are and how thankful we are.”

The winner of the Powerball jackpot in Iowa said that people should only play the lottery “for enjoyment,” and not as a means to improve their lives.

In light of the fact that the jackpot for the Mega Millions lottery has risen to an astounding $1.35 billion, the following piece of advice encourages players to enjoy the game without expecting to win.

The jackpot for the Mega Millions lottery is now projected to be in the region of $1.35 billion.

If there is a winner after the big drawing on Friday night, that person or group will collect the second-largest prize in the annals of Mega Millions’ long and illustrious history.

Playing the lottery can be an enjoyable and exciting activity; however, previous lottery winners and mental health professionals agree that it is essential to keep the activity in perspective as simply that: an enjoyable activity, and not as a potential windfall around which people begin to plan their futures.

Tim Schultz, a previous winner of the lottery in Iowa who collected a reward of several millions of dollars, said in an email to Fox News Digital that “playing the lottery should be pleasurable rather than stressful.”

In 1999, Schultz participated in Iowa Powerball and ended up winning $28 million.

According to a previous story by FOX Business, he was working at a gas station in Iowa at the time, and he ended up buying the winning ticket for himself.

Schultz remains active in the media industry today, hosting podcasts and managing a successful YouTube channel. “You shouldn’t play unless you have the financial means to cover the price of the ticket in the event that you lose.” “You don’t want to put yourself in a position where you may lose money by gambling,” Schultz said. The jackpot that was won on Friday night would also be the fourth-largest award in the history of the United States lottery.

According to FOX Business, the winner would earn an estimated sum of $707.9 million if they chose to collect their prize in the form of a cash payment rather than an annual annuity. Schultz recommended that people only play the lottery if they could do so “responsibly.” He said, “The reality is that you just need one ticket in order to have a shot at winning.”

“They say that being fortunate enough to win the lottery is comparable to getting hit by lightning. To enter this tempest, though, you need just purchase one ticket. Schultz said that buying a large number of tickets does not considerably improve one’s chances of winning.

He went on to say, “There is a reason why these jackpots are coming to be so huge.” Please don’t play if you can’t afford to lose two dollars or whatever much it costs to play. If you can’t afford to lose that much, then don’t play.

When approaching the lottery with the appropriate attitude, according to Schultz, it may be “fun.” “By buying a ticket, you are buying the right to fantasise about what you will do with your life if you end up being the lucky winner. “And it is feasible; at some point, someone will emerge victorious,” he said.

Schultz said that he had a “vivid dream” about winning the lotto “a few months previous to it really occurring in real life.”

Additionally, he said, “It motivated me to begin playing.” There are others who think that’s just a coincidence. Despite everything, I just spent what I could afford on it and still managed to have a good time. To continue, Schultz said, “I joked with pals that it was going to happen.” It goes without saying that the experience was quite bizarre when it finally occurred. According to several sources, there has been no winner of the Mega Millions jackpot since October, which has caused the reward to climb throughout the course of 25 draws. This has caused the prize to now sit at over one billion dollars. People play the lottery with “a dream” in their heads about how their life would be different if they won a significant amount of money, according to one Vermont psychologist.

According to Dr David Helfand, who practises in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, “Fantasy may be good as an escape.”

He went on to say, “However, it may also start to produce complications when individuals live in their dream, despite the fact that it is their reality.”

Helfand, who provides advice on mental health on his website,, also said the following: “For instance, if you aren’t putting your whole effort into your work in hopes that you’ll simply win the jackpot, that is likely going to create more damage than good.”


A guy from North Carolina wins $1 million thanks to a lost and discovered Powerball ticket.

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